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&e and how much it will have to pay for fines for the deadly pipeline disaster in san bruno. former u.s. senator george mitchell has offered to withdraw as a mediator for those negotiations. consumer advocates and some officials denounced the public utilities commission for the decision to high mitchell and his law firm saying the firm has a conflict of interest because their clients are an insurance firm for pg&e. >>> anne makovec is at at&t park where the san francisco giants took game two in a pitcher's duel. this is exciting. >> reporter: they may just sweep this thing in detroit. they are headed there right now. one of the star players of last night's game was certainly madison bumgarner of the he was brilliant. a post-season high 8 strikeouts allowing just two hits threw 7 shutout innings still no score. 7th inning basis loaded for brandon crawford who hit a grounder to infante who decided not to come home instead getting the double play. giants lead 1-0. bottom of the 8th. flyball to right deep enough to score angel pagan to make it 2- 0. >> can you describe what hunter brought t
1030 games. none of us believed that. billy didn't believe at that time all. >> reporter: the as still have some work to do if they want to win their division but those hopes are alive. they need to sweep the rangers and they have a game tonight at 7:05. so very exciting for as fans, who have been waiting a long time for this, first time in six years heading to the play- offs so a lot of good energy. in oakland, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> thank you. we have more coverage of the as on cbssf.com. we posted dennis o'donnell' interview with the team and a photo gallery of the game you don't want to miss. >> i think dennis had to throw his suit away, got a little champagne on it last night. >>> breaking news out of vallejo. a major fire burning right now. let's get right to elizabeth in the traffic center for the very latest. >> we have just heard that it is likely three alarms now. this is a residential neighborhood so we made this map to show you the location on surface streets there between 87 and interstate 80. so once again, three-alarm fire. the address is 106 el camino real. pretty
your way towards hayward so a great day to use mass transit. bart, ace, muni, caltrain and your ferries all right on time this morning. so if you want to avoid the wet roads, that's a good choice. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> the storm is causing power outages around the bay area, as well. an outage in oakland started with 7,000 customers. pg&e says it's down about 1900 right now and in san bruno and south san francisco, 800 customers in the dark. >>> 5:05. new this morning, a train in fremont actually collides into a truck splitting it in two. the accident happened around 3 a.m. this morning on auto mall parkway near noble drive. it appears the truck driver drove on the railroad crossing tracks. the vehicle was struck and a union pacific cargo train hit it after the vehicle got stuck. the driver got out before the collision. this is in a remote part of fremont so no marriage traffic delays to report. >>> -- so no major traffic delays to report. pagan! game over! game 7 tomorrow night. >> and that game 7 is a got to win it game for the giants. last night they beat the cardinals 6
oversight on a number of issues saying they are not using data available to them to identify and discipline problem officers. the monitors reports comes less than to two month -- two months before a federal judge will take over the department. >>> chevron has acknowledged the accident was caused in part because a section of corroding pipe was missed during an inspection. a resolution on tonight's city council agenda urges the company to provide a community compensation package voluntarily. but that resolution may be pulled in favor of direct talks with chevron. >>> u.s. senator george mitchell will oversea talks on the san bruno pipeline fire. pg&e faces millions in fires for the 2010 explosion. mitchell is a respected mediator and noble peace prize nominee and led the investigation into baseball's steroid scandal. >>> the giants are back even in the national championship league series. they beat the cardinals tieing up the best o of # series at a game -- best of 7 series at a game at home. cate cauguiran over at at&t park where a few lucky fans will have a chance to buy tickets for a poten
that romney came out ahead of the president on that first debate. bigad shaban joins us live from denver with some highlights from last night. [ pause ] >> reporter: good morning. it seems mitt romney may have got the boost he was hoping for after putting the president on the defensive all night. romney you wanted to his own successes as massachusetts governor but highlighted what he called the failed promises of the obama administration. >>> reporter: the first presidential debate started with a handshake and a romantic moment. >> 20 years ago, i became the luckiest man on earth because michelle obama agreed to marry me. >> congratulations to you, mr. president, on your anniversary. i'm sure this was the most romantic place you could imagine here with me. >> reporter: the theme of the debate for president obama appeared to be that romney's plans lacked specifics. >> is the reason that governor romney is keeping all these plans secret because it's too good? >> reporter: governor romney spent the night attacking his record. >> you have been president for four years. you said would you cut
:00. it will close for repair work. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec joins us now. this work is going to take crews two weekends to complete. >> reporter: yeah. the san mateo bridge behind me is going to be closed this weekend and next weekend. as you can see at the toll plaza everything is running smoothly right now. but it's going to be closed athe 10:00 tonight through -- at 10:00 tonight through 5:00 monday morning. if you have driven around this area within the past several weeks you have probably seen these signs along the highway. they have been warning commuters. caltrans crews will replace and remove part of the bridge deck. there's a cracked beam which is part of an expansion joint. the crack was discovered in 2010. caltrans put in a temporary fix and this will be a permanent one. as usual, this bridge closure is strategically timed. >> one of the most significant factors though is that there are no 9ers games for either weekend. and that's big because 9ers games always attract a lot of attention on the san mateo bridge. >> reporter: so traffic is expected to be a little lighter this weekend.
. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran tells us that apparently kate the roof collapsed. >> that's right. the roof collapsed. it was one of the biggest challenges that crews had to face here and they are still on scene now but to join us or to tell us the basics of what happened, we're joined now by deputy chief dave lord to give us the basics. thank you for joining us. i'm sure you're very busy. what happened? >> shortly after 1:00 this morning, a passerby reported some light smoke coming from the corner unit of the billion. crews showed up about four minutes later. at that point we had some fire coming out of the front door of the occupancy in the corner. they advance and the hose line inside and kind of got some early recognition they might have fire over them in the attic so they backed out. a few minutes laterred this a partial roof collapse and the fire was exposed in the attic. >> reporter: you said it started in the corner of the building. what made it spread so quickly? >> it kind of has a common attic up there so they had a lot of attic space to run. not really sure what start
joins us live now from hempstead, new york, with highlights and reaction. >>> reporter: from the beginning to the end of the second debate it was a political slug fest. president obama and governor romney accused each other of not telling the truth. it was a very different exchange from the first debate. >>> reporter: president obama and mitt romney wasted no time going after each other in the second debate. >> there were a whole bunch of oil companies -- >> i had a question and the question was how much did you cut the -- >> i'm happy to answer the question... >> reporter: in a snap poll of uncommitted voters 37% said president obama won the debate. >> i do think we'll get a bounce from this? yeah. how much? we'll have to see. >> reporter: romney gained a lot of momentum in the polls following the first debate and the his campaign aides say his performance last night will help him continue his surge. >> you're going to see the momentum continue here. i think a lot of the undecided voters who tuned in tonight heard from the governor himself how he would perform as president
a plane at mather field last night. crews say they are used to battling bad weather here in california but the one thing that worries them is getting lost. >> the biggest thing i think is not being familiar with the area. good thing i have, you know, gps and all that. it will help me out a lot because we won't have any maps and i've only been there as a tourist. >> a fleet of pg&e utility trucks is also en route. >>> air service to and from new york city is slowly resuming. newark airport got back in action about an hour ago. jfk will be open later this morning. but laguardia is still shut down and it's still covered with water. take a look. more than 18,000 flights have been canceled nationwide. hundreds right here in the bay area. and some taxis are rolling again in new york but others are still under water. this is a shot from hoboken, new jersey. >>> many of the deaths due to the storm are blamed on falling trees. this is amazing video right now. home video caught this sight of a giant tree uprooted in long island during the height of the storm. snow is still falling in the appala
as an antiimperialist rally to mark the 11th anniversary of the u.s. war in afghanistan. a group of 200 met at frank ogawa plaza and marched through downtown. by 8:15 the group had dispersed. some demonstrators went on this vandalism spree tossing paint at city hall, breaking windows. they damaged about a half dozen other businesses including the "oakland tribune," three banks, a kaiser permanente office, and a.c. transit office, and the oakland scientific facility. there are no reports of arrests or injuries. but a very big mess to clean up in downtown oakland this morning. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> around 20 people were arrested for taking part in an unruly protest over the weekend in san francisco. me wearing black clothing allegedly blocked traffic -- people wearing black clothing allegedly blocked traffic and vandalized businesses in the afternoon. officers were hit by flares and paint and rocks. police believe some were involved in similar activity in the mission district earlier. >>> an "occupy" rally continues now in san jose. a small group has been camped out in front of san jose
blocked. caltrans tells us until about 6:00 this morning. but westbound looks okay heading towards the peninsula. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. back to you guys. >>> it is a one-time only competition as the vice president joe biden debates republican vice-presidential nominee paul ryan tonight and randall pinkston joins us live from danville, kentucky, site of this evening's big showdown. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. with polls show mitt romney with momentum republicans are certainly hoping that congressman paul ryan will keep it going while democrats are counting on vice president joe biden to reverse the flow and to stop the loss of support among voters. >>> reporter: congressman paul ryan arrived in kentucky ahead of his first nationally televised debate. the number 2 man on the gop ticket told reporters earlier in florida voters will see a clear choice when he faces off against vice president joe biden. >> this is my first time. what he can't run from is president obama's indefensible record. they are just offering more of the same. >> report
. all of us are look forward to the weekend. >> it was very cool yesterday. we had more showers around the bay area yesterday even more lightning strikes but things looking like they are starting to settle down a bit still lots of clouds and scattered light showers most located in the south bay over the mountains. nonetheless, it looks like things will be winding down today. hi-def doppler showing you some of that moisture as it is rotating through the bay area right now but it looks like it's going to start to dissipate and slide further to the east. drizzle approaching the coastline so the roads are still wet. so be careful out there driving in. that area of low pressure that's bringing the unsettled weather over the past couple of days and moved through southern california finally going to kick eastward as it moves out. high pressure is coming in, in time for the weekend so we'll see a gradual warming trend over the weekend and eventually next week maybe a little mini heat wave before we get back into talking about more rain in the bay area. temperatures outside right now under most
. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran joins us with the dramatic rescue operation as that ship went down in the storm. cate. >> reporter: we will talk about that but right now i want to let you know that hundreds of people are being evacuated in the northern new jersey town this a levee broke flooding the area. as you were mentioning off north carolina, this was a dramatic rescue of the hms bounty. one by one coast guard plucked crew from the ocean. the bowny sank when her engine and pumps failed. it was built in 1960 as a replica of the original 1787 vessel. it was used in a number of big budget films. >> it's a sad thing with a ship like that. a sad thing. >> all that work and all the history of that boat just gone, just like that. >> reporter: the bounty's captain is still missing. this were 16 crew on board, 14 were rescued. one person died. this morning, here are pictures out of new jersey that show that extreme damage. this storm is being blamed for flooding, toppled trees on cars, downed power lines and thousands of evacuees forced to seek higher ground. atlantic city became an ex
a check of mass transit. it is spare the air day. encouraged to use mass transit if you can. back to you guys. >> thank you. right now the coast guard is leading the search from two fisherman. they were thrown from a boat that capsized. alisa is on the coast with the latest on the search. >> reporter: good morning. that search continues throughout the night. the coast guard has a boat on the water searching for those two fisherman. they've been missing since yesterday morning when they were hit by a large wave and flipped over. this was off the san mateo coast near pigeon point. four people were on board and motored out for a fishing trip. around 10:30 a.m. the wave hit. two of them made it to shore. they alerted that their friends were missing. >> one of the subjects self rescued and able to crawl and make his way up to this farm house and call 911. there was about an hour delay. >> the coast guard used aircraft and boats to search cht the fishing boat drifted to shore. no clothing or tools of the people that went over board. cbs 5. >> thank you. an 84-year-old woman is under arrest. po
. late for us. >> you guys were texting each other last night. >> not much sleep last night. >> probably not going to sleep for another week but how exciting to have the world series here in the bay area and tonight i think it will be a good game and i don't think we have to worry about rainfall. we are seeing some precipitation right now. some light sprinkles showing up around the bay area. high-def doppler radar picking up on some of that as you head out. so be careful. roads may be just a little bit slick. let's take new for a closer look along 280. the cell is making its way on by along 92 near san mateo, as well. this is what we're seeing this morning. the last gasp of the system as it begins to move out. you see a lot of that moisture running overhead and clouds disappear. high pressure is starting to build in. it looks like a warmer day ahead as we'll see partly cloudy skies by the afternoon. the temperatures are going to be popping up. yesterday a lot of 60s. today we may see a couple of 70s showing up in places like livermore, maybe into napa. temperatures 2 to 5 degrees warmer
were set in the streets of the mission district. kate joins us live with more on the messthat's being cleaned up this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i want to show you there's still aftermath from last night. piles of debris still here on the street that crews are working to clean up as last night's celebrations turned to mayhem. officers tried to disperse thousands of fans flooding the streets. some set small fires to trash cans, couches and news paper wracks. officers told a group of fans they were unlawfully assembling and needed to leave. take a look here, this is chopper 5. we heard reports that some firefighters needed to be escorted by officers in order to put out the flames. the clean up is already beginning here. again, the celebrations will continue but there's still aftermath here that needs to be swept up this morning. as far as arrests, we were able to confirm one arrest has been made. but that number could rise. more information later this morning. live in the mission district, cbs 5. >> check it out. not all the celebrations in san francisco turned vi
floor which resulted in us backing out of the building and fighting the fire defensively. this is where we put our ladder pipes and spray water from the tops of the roof and from hose lines into the windows. >> reporter: and here are some pictures we shot of the back of the house. that is where most of the damage occurred. the rear of the home and the attic. because of the collapse, there are a lot of void spaces now in what's left of the building and firefighters are afraid that fire still could be hiding in those spaces. that's why they are going to be here on scene until first light to make sure that this fire is completely out. then the investigation into the cause is going to given the there's been some talk that a propane tank may have been involved but firefighters are not confirming that right now. live in berkeley, anne makovec, cbs 5. >>> more gun violence in san jose. police investigating two late night shootings, a man wounded near izzy street. another man showed up at the hospital after he had been shot. both are expected to survive. no suspects. >>> another protest at the
elizabeth wenger joins us from san francisco to explain what areas to avoid. i guess everything. it is so busy. >> reporter: it is. that's the funny thing. the waterfront and the embarcadero, marina green, that's where a lot of stuff is going on. but yeah, there are so many events it's spread out throughout the city, north beach, castro district, unfortunately there's no great area traffic-wise this weekend. so this is going to be one of the busier spots. we are here along pier 30-32. it's dark but we have a big navy vessel you can tour for fleet week and in addition, if that wasn't enough, we have the america's cup sailing yachts behind me here, as well. so if yesterday was any indication, it's going to be very busy and loud this saturday and sunday. the blue angels practiced yesterday. don't drive. parking even if you get here will be extra difficult. to avoid gridlock, avoid the waterfront, use less popular bridges like the san mateo bridge. if fleet week and america's cup weren't enough, a few other things are going on. it's all over the city. hardly strictly bluegrass in golden gate
morning, frank and michelle. this is the kind of thing that makes all of us mad that we had to go to bed so early because i definitely missed it. but i have read a couple of conflicting reports on this and i want to point out that, you know, experts here at the chabot space and science center say it's not part of the meteor shower expected over the weekend but some say it's a preview. it's not over. we have some black and white surveillance footage from san jose's lick observatory. you can see it up close and personal. that white mass slowly moving across the sky. now an astronomy instructor here at the chabot space and science center says a meteor probably hit the earth right around martinez hills about the size of a car before it broke up into a few pieces. we have a picture from a viewer that snapped it for us in santa cruz. experts say it hit us at speeds 25,000 miles per hour possibly more around 8:00 last night. it was a loud boom as you mentioned which is actually a sonic boom and sightings were reported all around the bay even in sacramento. >> all of a sudden i seen this like h
to the north, keeping us nice and dry. that is going to crank up the temperatures. likely to see delays at sfo, down to a half mile. probably going to see problems there this morning. across the country not bad, 84 in houston, 59 in chicago with rain and thunderstorm. around the bay today, temperatures in the bay and 68 in san francisco, 81 in santa rosa. next couple days we'll heat things up, even 70s out toward the coast. then cooling heading toward next weekend. now back to you. >>> new this morning seven more cases have been reported in the meningitis outbreak, bringing the total of 205. the cases are linked to tainted vials of a steroid. 15 have died from the meningitis and 14,000 more are at risk. the outbreak has been reported in 14 states. >>> a peanut recall is being expanded. sunland incorporated out of new mexico forest recalled peanut butter but now they are adding raw and roasted peanuts to the recall list. products are sold at trader joe's and 35 cases of illness have been reported across 19 states. >>> gas prices are still high but coming down a few cents. san jose 4:59, $4.59,
:07. >> that dramatic rainy finish almost as improbable as... the weather. and as lawrence karnow shows us that storm it was like a fastball aimed at the ballpark down the middle. >> what did you say? it's like the heaven opened and champagne from the heavens. >> it was cool. it was really coming down. things settling down a little in san francisco right now, showers moved south into the san jose area. you can see showers dropping in that direction so it looks like today not a whole washout but if you are getting up this morning, pretty good rain toward morgan hill south san jose. showers will taper off into the next couple of hours but we're not done with the rain just yet. that whole trough is camped out along the west coast. so that's going to allow the flow of moisture to move in along the western pacific meaning a chance of more rain and unsettled weather for another day at least. cool out the door, 40s and 50s. by the afternoon well below average for this time of the year. usually in the mid-70s in many spots, as much as 13 degrees below average in san jose today, san francisco degrees 8 degree
on facebook or twitter or email us at mornings@cbs5.com. we'll read some of your responses later in the show. >>> we haven't had the doppler radar out for a while and it's getting to that time of the year where we're talking about rain. doppler radar showing returns off the coast. most of that will skirt right along the coast and slide south as the core of the low will stay off the coastline so there is a slight chance of showers near th coast with lightning strikes off the coast, as well. very interesting outside right now. the clouds gathering over the city of san francisco. temperatures not bad right now in the 40s and 50s. i think by the afternoon it should be a decent day with partly cloudy skies. but these temperatures running on the cooler side. usually near 80 degrees in some spots inland. not by this afternoon the it is going to be about 6 to 9 degrees cooler than normal. about 70 in santa rosa. about 71 in san jose. and about 64 degrees partly cloudy skies slight chance of showers into san francisco. all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> it's back to work tuesday if y
updated. in the meantime, use alternates, use american canyon or highway 37. that's the best way to get around that mess on highway 12 right now. elsewhere the altamont pass not doing too badly just yet. so far, so good as you work your way westbound 580 and no brake lights yet through antioch. so far you're clear through pittsburg and if you are heading towards the eastshore freeway. we'll check the sierra travel and chain requirements coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you. >>> a fiery plane crash yesterday afternoon in east contra costa county killed two people on board. this is the crash scene. that plane went down in a farmer's field near the byron airport. witnesses tell us they heard the plane sputter before it crashed. both the pilot and passenger were killed. their names haven't yet been released. >>> and off the coast of santa barbara county, a fatal shark attack claimed the life of a 39- year-old surfer. francisco javier junior was killed when he was bit on the torso. a friend dragged him to shore but he couldn't be saved. authorities are examining the wounds a
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